About us

We’re a family-run business, who take pride in our customer service and industry knowledge. We invest time and resources to ensure that every appliance we stock, we know thoroughly right down to the very last detail so that the moment you walk into our store, you know that our advice on any product we reccommend, is not just a sales pitch but a perfect match for your needs.


It doesn’t stop there! We also focus on after sales service; from delivery to installation, servicing and repairs, your experience does not stop when you exit the shop. We care about our customers and pride ourselves on the attention we give them even after the sale.

Ventura is committed to respect the environment, importing mainly A+A, A++A and A-10, helping our customers to also be eco-friendly. We firmly believe in sustainable development, thus we run our offices and showrooms as ‘green’ as possible.

We offer a full range of services, from supply and fitting of appliances, both freestanding and built-in, to disposal and reclycling of old electrical products.